Jul 23, 2014

Classic Toddler-Friendly Bird Feeder

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I have been dreaming about doing classic crafts like this one with Kingston since before he was born, so I was really excited to make this simple toddler-friendly bird feeder with him. There are SO many different varieties of bird feeders that you can make with your little one, but this is the one that I used to make as a child, and it couldn't be easier. 

For this craft you will need:

Bird Seed
A Recycled Toilet Paper Roll (or cardboard tube for those of you who like to be PC!) 
A piece of yarn or string
A toddler friendly knife or spreading apparatus

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Jul 22, 2014

15 Bird Books for Babies and Toddlers

Happy Bird Week! This week we are focusing on what else: BIRDS!

Kingston loves birds (and animals in general). Just check him (and Tanta) out at our most recent zoo trip! He is fascinated by them.

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10 Water Play Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

I am so excited to be teaming up with the ladies of All Things Kids this month to bring you our Learning with Water Play series. If you haven't visited the all new All Things Kids blog, hop on over there! The All Things Kids bloggers: Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, Crayon Box Chronicles, Sugar Aunts, All Done Monkey, Mamas Like Me, Fun A Day, Inspired by Family, Where Imagination Grows, and us (House of Burke) team up every month to deliver a fun new series to you! 

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Jul 21, 2014

Painting with Sunglasses

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It's no secret that toddlers LOVE sunglasses. K is always playing with ours, playing with his own, taking them on and off. (They NEVER stay on mind you.) So when Kingston accidentally bent a pair of Hubby's sunglasses, I thought that before we threw them away we could do something fun with them. We are all about process art around here, so I gave them to K with a little paint and let the beachy magic happen!

For this project you will need:

An Old Pair of Sunglasses (I punched the lenses out of these and bent the frames back to a decent angle. Any old sunglasses will do. In fact, by using washable paint, you could just paint with any pair of inexpensive sunglasses and wash them right off. The Dollar Tree would be a great place to pick up a pair of cheap sunglasses!) 
White Cardstock
Washable Paint

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Jul 20, 2014

Paper Plate Whale Craft

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Kingston loves painting, whether fingerpainting, using paintbrushes, or using something unconventional. This simple ocean themed craft was easy for me to put together and fun for him to participate in! Last year during our ocean unit, K made a paper plate octopus and a paper plate shark, so this year we decided to try to create a whale.
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Jul 19, 2014

Ocean Print Crafts

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Kingston LOVES whales and octopuses. (He is also partial to sharks and the ever legendary Kraken of the Sea.. yup that's my toddler!) So, when it came down to what print crafts we were going to do for our Ocean theme this year, I knew I wanted to include those two! Maybe we will attempt a Kraken print craft next year...

For this craft, you will need: 

Black and Purple Inkpads (Or you could use washable paint - Ink is my personal preference because you can see all the wrinkles and details of your little ones prints!) 

I also like to keep baby wipes on hand for easy cleanup! Ink typically wipes right off with a baby wipe depending on which brand of ink you are using. 

To make the octopus handprint, I inked K's hand purple and pressed it down on the paper. Then I inked three of his fingers again and pressed them in the spot between his thumb and pointer finger. To make the whale, I simply inked his foot black and voila! I told him that we were using purple for his octopus and black for his whale. He was very excited to make both. After I cleaned him up, I went ahead and added the googly eyes and the rest of the details with marker. If your little one is older than Kingston, they could participate and design their ocean creatures themselves! 

Interested in more ocean themed print crafts? Last year we made Beach Prints: 2 different types of lobsters, a crab, and some sandy footprints

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Jul 18, 2014

Pom Pom Fish Painting

Happy Fine Motor Fridays! We have been really into pom pom painting lately. If you haven't tried it, you definitely should! It couldn't be easier to set up, and the fine motor workout is great. The first project we did a few months back, Bunny Tail Pom Pom Painting, was K's first introduction to it. He mostly just used the pom pom and clothespin apparatuses as paint brushes. Now that he has had more fine motor practice, he is able to practice pinching the clothespin to release the pom poms and then pinching again to pick them up. 
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