Apr 18, 2014

Easter Grass Contact Paper Collage

Happy Fine Motor Fridays! We did a simple, virtually mess-free fine motor activity this week that looks great hanging in our window, an Easter Grass Contact Paper Collage! The best part about this activity is it isn't just for Easter. In fact, it is the perfect after-Easter, Spring project to do with all of your recycled leftovers. Easter grass comes in a variety of gorgeous bright colors that are sure to liven up your windows when sandwiched in between contact paper!

The set-up for this was a simple as it gets. I taped some contact paper down, sticky side up, and provided K with a bunch of vibrantly colored Easter grass. Of course, the first thing he had to do was test the stickiness of the contact paper out. For all of the contact paper crafts we have done (literally since he was about 5 months old), he STILL does this every time! It's pretty adorable. 

We pointed out the colors of the Easter grass, much like we did with our Easter Bunny Sensory Bin (this Easter grass was recycled from that activity). Then he started using his fine motor skills to pull pieces of grass out of the pile. 

At first, he separated and placed the grass by color. 

However, after awhile he began to get a bit wild with it. He was pulling and stretching the grass while laughing his cute little toddler bum off! 

When he was done, I put another piece of contact paper over the mass of Easter grass and pressed it down so that the grass was neatly sandwiched in between. It is such a bright and cheery addition to his other Easter and Spring artwork!

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Apr 16, 2014

What's In My Toddler's Easter Basket?

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It is no secret that we love the holidays around here. We are one of those families that recent articles complain about. The ones that make our events over the top magical and go way overboard. And guess what? We are completely okay with that! In fact, we love it. I start buying things on sale the day after most holidays, and purchase throughout the year when things go on clearance or when I see a great deal. I buy mostly things Kingston needs, but also a bunch of stuff he will want. K is currently 18 months so he will be really into his basket this year! If you have a toddler around the same age (especially if you have a boy) you may find a few fun ideas in here. If you have an infant, you can peek at Kingston's Easter basket from last year. Or if you would like to peek at a larger list of Easter basket goodies, you can check out our Ultimate Toddler Gift Guide.

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Apr 14, 2014

Easter Bunny Sensory Bin

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It wouldn't be a holiday without a sensory bin would it? I was really excited for Kingston to explore Easter Basket Grass as a sensory medium this year, since he hasn't played with it much before.

 In our bin I included: 

Easter Basket Grass in purple, pink, yellow, and green
Plastic Easter Eggs
Tiny plastic Easter eggs from Hobby Lobby
Little People Bunnies
A Carrot from our VTech 2-in-1 Shop and Cook Playset
An Easter garland from the Dollar Tree

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Apr 11, 2014

Painting with Carrot Shavings

Happy Fine Motor Fridays! This week, we did a really fun activity that utilizes a material that you would typically throw away: carrot shavings. I had a pile of carrot shavings waiting to go into the compost bin after a delicious carrot pumpkin bread bake-a-thon, so I thought it would be fun to use some of them. 

For this project, you simply need some carrot shavings, washable orange paint, and white cardstock. 

The goal was for Kingston to exercise his fine motor skills while using the carrot shavings as "paintbrushes". It worked wonderfully! He was very intrigued by the carrot shavings, as he has been in the past. He was also really excited that he got to dip them himself. He ran the shavings through the orange paint and then dragged, smeared, and pressed them onto the paper. 

He practiced using his pincher grip, strengthened grasping skills while trying to hold the slipper carrot shavings in his hands, and made some beautiful abstract art in the process. 

We talked about straight lines vs. curvy lines, and he worked really hard to make some nice straight ones! Notice how he always has that left hand up in the pictures? I love it! 

He is really into dipping things in ketchup at the moment, so this activity was spot on for him. 

His finished masterpiece was very abstract, (and actually much lighter than this in person). It is currently brightening up our "Easter" window! 

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Apr 9, 2014

Easter Print Crafts

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It wouldn't be a holiday without some print crafts, so this week we made these cuties! I wanted to do something carrot related because carrots seem to be an Easter theme for us. Last year we did several carrot activities, so why not continue the tradition! We also made this classic chick footprint craft. 

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Apr 8, 2014

Love With Food - March 2014 Review

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Love With Food is a monthly food subscription box that comes with 8-9 products to try out that are either organic, natural, gmo-free, gluten free or free of artificial ingredients. Boxes are $12 for a month to month subscription, and as low as $10 a box with a longer subscription. An added bonus is that for every box you order, a meal is donated to a hungry child in America! 

You can get your first box for 50% off your first box by using the code YUMMY in your Love With Food cart! 
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Apr 7, 2014

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Egg Prints

Welcome to another series brought to you by all of us over at All Things Kids. This month, we are focusing on recycled crafts and activities! Since Kingston is learning and exploring all things spring and Easter (and Earth Day) related this month, I came up with a super simple craft using recycled toilet paper rolls for him to do: Toilet Paper Roll Easter Egg Prints!

This craft was so simple to set up, it was almost comical, BUT he loved it, and Mama loved the end result. All you will need for this craft is some recycled toilet paper rolls, washable paint in bright Easter colors, and some white cardstock. Make sure to squeeze the cardboard roll a bit to form an oval shape for the egg prints. 

This was a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about colors. He is at a great stage where he can now ask for the color he wants, which easily opened up a color discussion dialogue for us! 

He was very focused on making the prints. He liked how they looked with the different colors overlapped and wildly stamped color after color. He liked doubling up TP rolls and making double prints. 

I was interested to see him focus on his technique. At one point, he squish the toilet paper roll and began flicking the different paint colors around to mix them. It looked so good! 

His finished masterpiece was so vibrant. The colors were the perfect Easter pop, and I can't wait to get it up on the wall! 

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